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Alzamantes is a folk rock band born in 2010 playing music across northern Italy whose repertoire ranges through popular music from all over Europe, from the pizziche salentine to the Irish jig.

I joined this band in 2014 as an electric guitarist. This experience, as a composer, has meant a lot to me, I improved my knowledge of folk and popular music, which is widely used in film production.

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Gravita was born one evening in 2014 from the ashes of a previous band, when Gabriele Genna (drums) and me on guitar and vocals, decided to carry on our musical discourse, Gabriele had so many things to say, I had so much music to write.

Our music is rock,  influenced by the modern sounds of post rock, trying to combine it with my knowledge of classical music to reach a modern sound, easy listening but sophisticated.

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Xlr Studio


XLR Studio was founded in 2018 by the need of Alzamantes to find a space where make music, after the closing of the previous one. Thanks to the efforts of all the Alzamantes (in particular Dario Tornaghi) and other partners, this space was born, and I have the opportunity to work and record in excellent quality all the instruments necessary for the realization of my compositions.