I was born in Milan in February 1992. Since I was a child, thanks to my family I had an artistic education, my father is a painter, my uncle a composer, and between the others there are many musicians.

I started playing the piano when I was 10 and I immediately fell in love with it. Since then I realized that the study of the classical repertoire was not enough for me, I felt the need to write and compose pieces of music.

Like most teenagers, I started to listen to rock music and at the age of 14 I bought my first electric guitar.

After high school I attended the rock guitar master at the Rock Guitar Academy in Milan, graduating in 2016.

After that I wanted to improve my composition skills and I enrolled the music composition course for pictures at the Claudio Abbado music school in Milan.

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There are many musicians who play more than one instrument, but the path I have followed has allowed me to learn to play two very important instruments, such as guitar and piano, thanks to which I can easily space between different genres, from classic to all the modern music.

Ever since I picked up my first guitar I did the time in different bands, until in 2014 when I joined Alzamantes, a folk band that combines traditional folk music with the harder sounds of rock. As an experience it has been and still is very important as it introduced me into the world of folk music, which in the film industry is a genre as important as it is difficult to treat without the right knowledge.

In the last years I had the opportunity to write music for several short films and other projects.